The Clearwater Inn Adenturing Company

Orange Sails

Pirates on the Star Basin

The party of Brannan, Zelial, and Crowslby (now collectively known as Boat Party) began their adventure halfway across the Star Basin heading to The City of Foundation from The Island Subcontinent of Home. Brannan had undertaken a job from the Church of Roknar to take part in ritual stonecraft ensuring the new temple would be under divine protection from calamities such as had befallen the old temple. His trip was paid for by the church, and was put up in the Captain’s quarter as a guest of honor. Zelial was barding his way to new places, always looking for distraction form the dark secrets he left behind. Crowslby was a on a journey of self-discovery, looking for a place he could belong and as such had stowed away as a shoebill.

Soon a double-masted ship was spotted to the east, gaining on them quickly. This was not initially cause for alarm, as the Star Basin was a popular trade route and was considered to be very safe with many ships not even carrying cannons (opting for more carrying capacity for goods). However as the ship grew near the crow’s nest burst into flames and the sails burned away revealing gleaming orange cloth beneath. This strange material paid the licking flames no mind as the newcomers gained on the party. As the ships neared each other, the crew took up defensive positions. Brannan, being ever the supervisor, assessed the situation and calmly returned to his room to allow the crew to do their jobs defending the boat. The crew of the opposing vessel started firing flaming arrows as the enemy captain lit torches on a metal harness on his back and began throwing fireballs out of the torches with strange gestures. As the boat took (literal) fire Zelial attempted to rope swing across the gap as the Captain swung the boat parallel to the new ship, but horrendously misjudged it and fell right off the edge of the boat., catching a jagged piece of the boat’s heat-warped siding across the chest.

Crowslby, not waiting for the others, took flight across the gap as a shoebill and launched the enemy captain off the back of his ship. Not wasting a minute, he shape-shifted back into his traditional halfling self and then again into a fearsome crocodile. The resulting croco-dive and death-roll into the water made quick work of the twisted fire-warrior. By this point the boats had come together and the 30-odd crew of angry gnomes swarmed the other ship and cleaned up the remaining 6 enemy crewmen.


thecomatosekid thecomatosekid

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