The City of Foundation

Foundation, which one? The new one on top or the ones below?

The City of Foundation is in some ways a symbol of the whole region. It was buried in the flow of after the eruption of the Crown Peak 200yrs ago. The city was mostly destroyed and buried in stone, but people are industrious and never seem to learn from the lessons the gods are clearly trying to teach them. They recovered, gathered their resources, enlisted help from the Church of Roknar, and set to rebuilding, repairing, and retrieving what they could from the former site of tragedy.

The Temple: The plans for the new temple at the peak of the city aim to surpass even the High Temple at Home. Before they can proceed, however, they need a powerful holy artifact, a Perfect Cornerstone. The only thing the rabble know of this artifact is that it is said to be “perfectly square” in a way that builders find important, and that the production of them is a powerful and carefully guarded secret of the church. Currently heading the operations is Bishop Molybdenum Rhoe, Master of Ceremonies.

The Mines: The mines of Foundation are multi-purpose. They are firstly as they appear, a system by which to extract usable materials from the ground. Secondly, crews often uncover parts of the old city. Sometimes these buried rooms and halls housed treasures, or useful information. Lastly, the area was first colonized (according to the church) because of a deposit of the material used for Cornerstones deep under the city. They need to locate this deposit to rebuild the city with the strength it needs to survive.

The Docks: The flow of lava from the volcano’s eruption hit the water line and after the cooling, the waterline was a full two miles from it’s former location. The first project of revitalizing the are was to reestablish the docks and build a road to the site fo the city proper. The Port Authority has fallen under the watch of Norbert Blackbart, of the dark-haired Blackbart Gnomes, much to the chagrin of the ginger Ingwerbarts and their trading company. To simplify compliance with his policies, he has enlisted pair of Grotto Trolls called “the Twins” to act as “security”.

The City of Foundation

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