The Island Subcontinent of Home

There’s no place like Home, after all….

The Island Subcontinent of Home, simply Home to its residents, was largely sheltered form the largest cataclysms to occur in the larger region. It’s high-cliff shores, and magical defenses (both divine and arcane) sheltered it from the Beasts of the Sea of Fiends. The Beasts, in turn kept intruders (or invaders) from breaching those defenses. The isolation did the rest. The last period of shelter lasted over 100yrs and was only lifted with the Pogrom of Fiends and the birth of the Star Basin.

Housing of the High Temple of Roknar, a few Bard’s colleges, and Three Old Druidic Cirlces, the Residents of Home consider themselves to be the sole keepers of civil society. They are likely the only extant community with an unbroken internal historical record, but have little information of the world outside due to the years of isolation.

Most of the Boat Party have their origins in this insular island nation.

The Island Subcontinent of Home

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